Bully Go Home

The W's

Compositor: The W\'s

Bully go home, you got no reason to be near us now.
I know you feel the need to create a scene but the fact is you're not wanted here.
Really don't care if you think that you're cool now, you're not.
You know you can't just go and push him around, beat him up and then throw him down.
So take a final look, take a final look for me before you take what's left and display it for the world to see.
Look once again and save the boys dignity. 1, 2, 3, 4 then the music begins.
You got the people dancin, freely as the room starts to spin. You got the one young man standin, alone.
And you think the people are cheering you on.
Bully go home.
Describe the picture how you should look.
Easy to be hooked, as you move in intently.
Find flaws things that don't fit, your superiority makes me sick.
Your mentality gets the best of me, you and your friends and your click.

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