Rather Be Dead

The W's

Compositor: The W\'s

Louie, Missouri, Muncie, Indiana, Kalamazoo, any place will do. We're talkin', droppin', hints about romancing, can you tell how hard I fell? When I'm out on the street late at night and my baby is right by my side, I've got no worries then, cause I'm with her again, and I know that she's forever mine.
What you see is what you get and baby you and me ain't seen nothin, yet.
When all is done and all is said, without you girl, I'd rather be dead.
Thinkin', wonderin, how you ever wound up with me how could this be.
Let's face it, you aced it, when God dealt out the hand you came out on top and I was a flop.
But some how, some way there was you and I was standin' there too, with a case of drop jaw, I now stood there in awe as you said the three words,"Yes, I do.
" Hey, hey, it's magic maybe.
Alakazam and you're my baby.
Wo, oh shut the front door.
My bags are unpacked and I'm yours all yours now.

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