The W's

Compositor: The W\'s

Started all this morning when the cereal was left alone.
The milk was gone to my surprise it left me high and dry.
Grape juice followed as it dribbled down my shirt and I couldn't shake the feeling that this day was gonna hurt.
Don't look now, it's gonna get you.
Better watch out, it's on your tail.
Before you know, it's gonna get you.
Thank God it's Friday, Saturday is just a day away.
I got to hold on til the day is gone and everything will be okay. Headed off to practice but I was three hours late cause I rear-ended a Honda, owned by Frank Tate.
Proceeded then with caution at a nice and easy pace when an overdue airbag hit me in the face.
Things keep getting worse now, worse now everyday.
When things start to get better, they stop to my dismay.
So I look on to tomorrow when things are gonna change and I know this all because tomorrow's Saturday.

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