Used Car Salesman

The W's

Compositor: The W\'s

Well he's looking out over his domain.
When he sees a mark dressed quite plain.
So he changes his course and he picks up his pace as an evil grin floats across his face.
Eases on over with a strut in his walk and his lips start to fly as he starts to talk.
Reels the mark in like a fish on a hook.
As he puts another check down in his book.
Cause he's out to sell some used cars and it doesn't matter who you think you are.
He's got a line for everyone.
He'll treat you like his daughter or son.
But hey wait, don't go for that bait.
To late.
He'll give you a 30 day warrantee and his handshake is the guarantee. But try and take your car back to his place.
He acts like he's never seen your face.
Don't try and grab him he'll get away.
He eats fish like you every day. He's a slick snake in the grass. You weren't his first you won't be his last.
Welcome to Hub-City used Hondas.
Have we got a deal for you! We've got Hondas galore, like right here is a light-blue 83 Accord with 250,000 miles.
But them's highway miles.
And right here's a tan 85 Civic with 230,000 miles.
It's got the nice lived in look.
I've got the good brakes.
And I got the bad brakes.
And if you don't com see us today, we can't save you any dinero.

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